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Ark Of Christ, established since 24 January 2000, under the Ecclesia Foundation. At first, Ark of Christ is a service only for young people, but after times flow, Ark of Christ reach many people and become a public service.

Under the leadership of Ev. Daniel Krestianto, Ark of Christ has become an interdenomination service and has many branches in Indonesia and also in Australia and Philippine.

Ark of Christ service schedule

  • Monday 05.00 AM
    Morning Prayer
  • Monday 05.30 PM
    Public Service
  • Monday 05.00 PM
    AoC Kids Service
  • Tuesday 06.00 PM
    The King's Children Service
  • Saturday 05.00 PM
    Youth Service

AoC Logo

Vision & Mision

Creating a spiritually mature person before God

Implanting Christ's character in our own character
Being restored, so we can restore others

Ev. Daniel Krestianto

Born from a joyfull couple Ev. Drg. Yusak Tjipto and Lida Angraini as the second child from the three siblings. Born in Semarang 28 May 1968. Started his ministry at a very young age, he has serverd at various fellowship, church and miracle services. From a small scale service to a international scale service.

He and his wife Cellvia Marliana is the founder of Ark of Christ (AoC). Right now AoC has many branches that spread in many city in Indonesia and also in other nations (Australia and Phlippines).

Ev. Daniel Krestianto and family

Bank Account

God has blessed us so we can bless others. For you that wanted to participate in God's movement you could invest through :


AoC Bandung (pusat)

Bank Account : 156 601 9001
A/N : Cellvia Marliana



Bank Account : 156 151 7733
A/N : Paulin Christiarini


AoC Jakarta

Bank Account : 581 020 2116
A/N : Tri Defianti


AoC Solo

Bank Account : 773 506 1534
A/N : Lysbeth Elizabeth


AoC Surabaya

Bank Account : 555 06 7198
A/N : Agus Hudiono


AoC Situbondo

Bank Account : 121 048 9777
A/N : Ari Ardianto


AoC Sidoarjo

Bank Account : 614 409 8710
A/N : Mei Machmawati S.


AoC Jember

Bank Account : 200 009 9000
A/N : Chrysandra Deviana A.


AoC Malang

Bank Account : 011 526 9891
A/N : Winoto / Christiani


AoC Tulungagung

Bank Account : 048 142 0333
A/N : Tan Siu Ing


AoC Madura

Bank Account : 192 041 0118
A/N : Lenny Widjaja


AoC Lampung

Bank Account : 292 051 7008
A/N : Indra Jaya


AoC Palembang

Bank Account : 341 053 7779
A/N : Lie Kwet Yun / Pendy Sofian


AoC Samarinda

Bank Account : 027 536 9999
A/N : Wilcia Thoanto / Fennylia


AoC Bitung

Bank Account : 222 037 9321
A/N : Jimmy Chandra Pillay


AoC Langowan

Bank Account : 026 216 2280
A/N : Jerry Bambuta


AoC Bangka

Bank Account : 041 068 6988
A/N : Lusia


AoC Manado

Bank Account : 026 215 3311
A/N : Sutikno Wijaya


AoC Padang

Bank Account : 032 084 8580
A/N : Irmatati T. / Signora


AoC Australia

NAB (National Australian Bank)
BSB 082-622
A/N : Faceless Generation Ministries


AoC Filipina

Bank Account : 011 150 1652
A/N : Martinus Yani
Account Dollar
BDO 101750091907
A/N : Elizabeth P Layang

Bless The Lord oh my soul ! Worship His Holy Name !

Public service AoC Bandung

Monday Night @ 5.30 P.M

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.

Evokes the young generation to be militant to the Lord, have Christ's character, and love towards the Lord. Arise Youth Community develpo a community for the next generation to be the diffrence maker in their own environment.

Saturday Night @ 5.30 P.M

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.

Educate the children to have Christ's character and training them to be involve in the ministry. AoC Kids evokes the children to be diffrent from the average children, to love God and become God's own army.

Monday Night @ 5.00 P.M

Because they are precious in God's sight, they are honored and they are loved

The King's Children is one of our ministry to reach for the pepole, especially the homeless or what we called The King's Children. Our ministry is sharing food on the streets, doing service for them every Tuesday night and other events.

Tuesday Night @ 5.30 P.M

Our Location

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Our Ministries

Ark of Christ has been granted many ministry by God, everything that we do is only by His grace

Kezia School

Kezia School is one of Ark of Christ's ministry in education , especially for children with special needs. In Kezia School, children with special needs are educated to be independent and have Christ's character.
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Anti-Drugs Seminar

Going to schools, serving the children at school through anti-drugs seminar and teaching moral lesson for the kids.


Serving the people through charity event, bazaar, dan free medical check.

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